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Episode 14 Total Freedom Podcast with Kylie Travers | From Homeless To CEO and Traveling the World

Kylie currently resides on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland in Australia. Kylie is a mom of 2 with a very free lifestyle and normally travels a great deal because she can it supports her lifestyle. Going back, she was married and in an abusive...

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Episode 13 Total Freedom Podcast with Lee Chambers | A Potentially Crippling Illness Led Him To His Current Business

Recorded during the time of Covid-19, lee has been working remotely and learning have to navigate home school and business from home. Lee grew up in a loving family where he had a fair amount of freedom and autonomy. After he graduated university, he...

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Episode 12 Total Freedom Podcast with Amie Barsky | She Found Her Inner Child and Built a Business With It

Amie is an empowerment coach who helps people discover how to move past limiting beliefs to become more empowered She deals a lot with anxiety and overwhelm both within herself and ultimately into her clients as well. Being an empath has been an eye...

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Episode 11 Total Freedom Podcast with Sarah Berry | From Corporate Day Job to Yoga and Spirituality

Sarah and I first met in a mastermind and we recorded this session right in the middle of stay at home orders. Sarah is a mom and recently converted over to being self-employed after leaving what she called her “Proper Job” and became a...

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Episode 10: Total Freedom Podcast with Jess Hendrick | Deep Discovery Lead to Her Passion

Jess went through a journey where she discovered there were repetitive patterns kept following her where the same situation kept happening at work and she finally had to look at herself as the common denominator. She realized she could change and make it better...

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Episode 09: Total Freedom Podcast with Ryan Stanley | From Band Manager to Coach and Author

We recorded during the pandemic and it was the day before his 1st social distancing party at his house. We spent a little time talking about how this time during the pandemic and how the content be putting out into the world right now...

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