Episode 18 Total Freedom Podcast with Georgiana Danet | She Found a Holistic Lifestyle Very Early in Life

This episode was recorded during the height of the pandemic and in her part of the world, they did not experience any lockdown but there was still a sense of anxiety with the people there.

Stress experienced during challenging times effects the body and not in a good way.

The thoughts we think really drive the body. A constant stream of negative thoughts will have a profound impact on the body.

Georgiana has been practicing in a holistic way since she was a teenager and she used herself to experiment on with mindset and the physical body. She was actually able to make herself physically sick while only thinking about it.

Georgiana promotes “being” which means focusing on your thoughts and the types of thoughts you are having.

Being able to shift the focus will serve you well.

Whenever you fight your thoughts, you give them more energy.

The Stop Technique – stop for a few seconds and pay attention to what is happening in the moment

 “Whenever you fight your thoughts, you give them more energy…” Georgiana Danet

She also believes in a physical practice such as yoga.

She turned her passion into her business.

Managing stress does not eliminate it so by maintaining emotional balance will help to get rid of it.

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